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We wanted a name that matched our product. The definition of ethereal is


"Extremely light or delicate. adj. Of the celestial spheres; heavenly." 


The name came after our presets were perfected.

faq about


Frequently Asked Questions
  • Where can I find my orders?
    Currently you can find your orders only on Ethereals desktop version of the website on the My Account page, or by pressing the Account button on the top right side of the screen. We are still optimizing for mobile :).
  • Which LUT pack is right for me?
    If you're looking for a nearly 1 click answer to beautiful color, then our new ETHEREAL signature pack is our go to. ETHEREAL II is our favorite LUT!
  • What comes in the ETHEREAL HYBRID BUNDLE?
    We wanted to create a bundle that would solve the issue of inconsistent colors between photo and video. SOOOO we created the EHB which includes: - Our latest LUT "ETHEREAL" - Our most used and loved desktop preset "NATIVE o1" + a full tool kit - and to tie it all together we include "N o1" for editing on your mobile device
  • Can I return the pack if I dont like it?
    Unfortunately due to the nature of downloadable products, no refunds of any kind will be given for any reason. All sales are final. But we are confident that you will LOVE them!!
  • What is the BEST preset ethereal offers?
    We developed all of our presets over many years and have fostered a deep love for all of them. butttttttttt if we had to choose, it would be our newest pack ETHEREAL singature <3.
  • When will I receive my presets after I purchase them?
    As soon as your purchase is made you will instantly receive an email including a download link to your new presets :) If you have any trouble at all please contact our help email


See why everybody is using ethereal signature!

Ethereal B&A Graded 4.jpg

Ethereal Signature

Light soft skin, pastel airy tones. Natural, clean, & elegant. Fine art in its purest form. Take your colors to a more heavenly place.

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